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The Best Time of Year for Exterior Painting

The exterior of a building will require periodic repainting to ensure that your building maintains a great appearance. However, when you paint the exterior of your home, it will be important to consider the weather and external temperatures. It is additionally important to check the level of moisture in the air, as it is only effective to paint on dry surfaces. 

When you attempt to paint your home in less than ideal temperatures, it is likely that the exterior paint job will be similarly inadequate. When you carefully plan for your new paint job, you can extend its overall lifetime and receive the greatest return on your investment. The paint job of the exterior of your home will inevitably wear down, so these services will need to be obtained every so often.

The Benefits of an Exterior Paint Job

There are multiple benefits to obtaining a new exterior paint job for your building. These paint jobs can go a long way toward improving the appearance and curb appeal of your building. Any paint job will wear down over time, which can result in your home looking older and dirtier. 

When you get a new paint job, you will improve the appearance and, ultimately, the value of your building. Sometimes cleaning your building can significantly enhance its appearance but in many cases, a new paint job will most significantly impact your property. 

A great paint job will provide many benefits to multiple kinds of buildings. For example, a new exterior paint job for a commercial building will result in enhanced confidence and loyalty of your customers. These paint jobs can also help to catch potential problems with the walls, as well as prevent the entry of pests by sealing off possible entry points.


Exterior Painting in the winter

Though it is certainly more difficult to obtain an adequate external painting job in the cold, it is still possible. Planning is incredibly important when exterior paint jobs are undertaken, as there should be clear weather for several days after the job. 

There are certain paints that are designed primarily to be resistant to cold temperatures, which may allow you to paint in cooler temperatures. You may also be able to create an enclosed area that you can then heat with a space heater to keep it at an adequate temperature for the paint job.

When you complete an exterior paint job, it is most effective to paint between the hours of 10 and 2, as these times tend to be the warmest parts of the day. 

When you need to accomplish an exterior paint job in the winter, there are many specific factors that must be taken into account. Obtaining the services of a professional will ensure that you have the appropriate guidance to create the perfect paint job for your building.

What Happens when it is too cold?

There are many issues associated with painting when the temperatures are too cold. First of all, cold temperatures will cause paint to thicken. Thick paint is far more difficult to work with and will dry much, much more slowly. When you paint in cold temperatures, it can result in inadequate color uniformity, as well as water spotting and film cracking. In order for paint to cure properly, the surface must be at a sufficiently warm temperature. 

There are many considerations that you must take into account when painting the exterior of your building. We have compiled many tips for maximizing your exterior paint job. In addition, painting an older home may require several different considerations and it is important to ensure that the exterior paint job of your home is completed correctly.

Exterior Painting Temperatures

The ideal exterior painting temperatures will depend primarily on the type of paint that is being used. In general, oil-based paints should not be used in temperatures

Under 40° and temperatures above 90°. For latex-based paints, temperatures between 50° and 85° will be the most effective. It is important to paint in moderate temperatures to prevent multiple issues from occurring. For example, painting in cold temperatures will reduce the overall life expectancy of the paint job. 

Painting in temperatures that are too hot can cause the paint to dry too quickly. It may also cause the paint to form bubbles and blisters, as well as peel. Keep in mind that the humidity level will also impact the effectiveness of the paint job. Ensure that you examine the applicable humidity levels prior to completing the paint job.

The Best Time of Year for Exterior Painting

The best time of year for painting the exterior of your home will depend on many different factors. Many experts argue that summer is the best time, as there are fewer storms and the weather remains rather consistent. However, temperatures during the summer months may be too hot for superior painting conditions, so it will be important to plan carefully when painting during summer days.

Fall and spring may also be great times to paint the exterior of your building, though the weather is often less reliable during these time periods. These seasons contain more moderate temperatures, but may also have rainy conditions. When you plan for an exterior paint job, it is vital to wait for consecutive warm, dry days. You can’t paint on wet surfaces, so you may even have to wait a day or longer after a storm.

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There are many benefits to obtaining exterior paint jobs for your buildings. They significantly improve the overall appearance of the building and can go a long way toward increasing the overall value of the property. Here at Friends Painting LLC, we are passionate about providing you with all of the services that you need to enhance the condition of your building. 

We offer both exterior and interior painting services, as well as residential and commercial services. Our experienced professionals are capable of implementing the best possible paint job to meet all of your needs. To learn more about our exterior painting services, contact us at Friends Painting LLC today!

5 Reasons you need a Commercial Paint Job

A commercial paint job is a unique renovation, in that it immediately improves the appearance of the building. They are cost-effective and provide many different benefits to your business. 

It may be tempting to forego a new paint job, as it may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, regular upkeep provides many benefits to an office building and paint jobs are some of the most beneficial upkeep practices that you can obtain. 

Here at Friends Painting LLC, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality paint jobs that will improve the appearance of your building and maintain superior longevity. Here are 5 reasons that you need a commercial paint job for your office building.


1. Boost Appearance and Value

Commercial paint jobs are a great way to immediately improve both the value and appearance of your commercial building. A new paint job will instantly make a building look both newer and nicer. This goes a long way toward creating the superior first appearance, which can have a dramatic impact on your existing customer base, as well as drawing new customers to your property. Regardless of the correlation, customers will associate the quality of your office’s appearance with the quality of your work, so a superior paint job is vital to keep your customers happy. A better appearance will reassure your customers that your services will be similarly superior.

2. Cost-Effective Upgrades

Regular upgrades are vital in keeping your building in good condition. A new paint job is often one of the most cost-effective upgrades available. They tend to have a rather high ROI, because they both raise the value and improve the appearance of the building at minimal cost. There’s a reason that a new paint job is standard for homes that are being prepared for the real estate market; a new paint job just makes it look better. This goes a long way toward ensuring that your building makes the best first impression possible. 

3. Competitive Advantage

Businesses are competitive by nature. Every customer that you obtain is a customer that your competitors lose- but the same thing works in reverse. It is important to take all the steps to give you a competitive advantage to remain successful in any industry. When you improve the appearance of your commercial building, you will both draw in more customers, as well as help to reassure existing customers of the continued quality of your products or services. Potential customers will be wary of obtaining your services if your company’s building looks old or wear down, which happens when paint jobs wear out. A new paint job can improve the appearance, as well as give you an advantage over your competitors.

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4. Boost Productivity

A new paint job immediately improves the atmosphere inside of the building. Employees are often far more proud to work in a nice-looking building than one that has become worn down. A new paint job can instantly improve morale in the office, which leads directly to improved productivity. Improved productivity means less money that you have to spend on your office’s operation, which goes a long way toward maximizing your profits. A cheerful, well-kept office is generally far more productive than one with a shabby paint job.

5. Preventative Maintenance

When there are cracks or other issues on the walls, bugs or water can infiltrate into the building. This can lead to expensive pest control or damage repair costs. A new paint job can seal these cracks, which prevents the issues from ever occurring. This can save you a great deal of money, as well as improve the value of the building. In addition, a commercial paint job may also allow you to discover issues with the walls in your building in the early stages, before the repair expenses escalate to exorbitant proportions.

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There are many reasons to obtain a new commercial paint job for your company’s building. These paint jobs can significantly improve the appearance and value of your building. They can also improve productivity and draw in more customers, giving you a competitive advantage. It can save you a great deal of money, time, and stress to hire a professional painting company to provide your commercial paint job.

Here at Friends Painting LLC, we offer many different services that can go a long way toward improving the value and appearance of your property. These services include both residential and commercial property painting, along with many other things. To learn more about our services, or the benefits of commercial paint jobs, contact our experts at Friends Painting LLC today!

Why Hire a Professional Painter?

It can be tempting to try to undertake paint jobs yourself to try and save money. This can be a mistake. There are many reasons that you should consider hiring a professional painting service when you decide to undertake a painting project. Ultimately, it comes down to what you consider your time to be worth. A professional painting service will be able to complete the job much more quickly than a less-experienced individual. Not only does this save you a significant amount of time, but it also reduces potential downtime from impacting your business. Additionally, professional painting services can work around your schedule. If you attempt to do the job yourself, you’ll likely have to paint after a full day of work when the office is empty, which is an easy way to run yourself ragged.

A professional painting service guarantees a uniform and professional paint job for your business. It is also important to remember that a professional painting company will have all of the best tools to complete the job as efficiently as possible. This can result in a much better appearance at a lower cost. Professional paint jobs are long-lasting and save you time, money, and stress. An experienced professional is also able to provide superior guidance regarding the best colors for your building. Colors tend to have a significant psychological impact on the environment. This can go a long way toward improving the atmosphere and environment within your office.

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