Faux Finishing • Glazing • Striping

Faux finishes, striping or glazing are all effective design techniques that add texture and stunning beauty to your painted surfaces. These techniques infuse your painted areas with an artistic quality, enhancing the entire design of a room. With these paint finishes, you can set the entire tone of your decor or breathe brilliant life into a dull area.

Friends Painting LLC. are painting experts that have mastered the art of faux finishing, glazing and striping. Our professionally trained painting specialists have the talent and accuracy necessary to amaze you with the perfect finish for your surfaces. We also utilize the highest quality tools to get the job done right and with precision. We only work with the finest paint manufacturers, so our colors and products are superior. That is why we are the top choice in Ogden for faux finish, striping and glazing service.

Faux Finish
This decorative painting technique gives your surfaces depth and texture. The idea behind a faux finish is to mimic the color and texture of another material; any material really. Your walls could look like the night sky, or silk sheets, or even slabs of chipping marble with skillfully applied faux finishing. With a careful mixture of colors and application tools, your walls can be made of stone blocks or exotic hardwood. You can use faux finish to complement the surrounding design or as the focus for your decor.

Glazing is another method of adding texture to your painted surface. While it is not intended alone to mimic materials, it is often used when attempting to achieve a faux finish. Glazing a wall, for example, adds an element of elegance and richness. By using different application tools as well as staggered coating, the paint takes on a mottled effect. Glazing can offer your surface the unique texture provided by different materials such as a French brush, rag, parchment or sponge. These textures make your surfaces stand out more and can complement other design aspects, such as striping, well.


Striping involves precisely what it sounds like; painting stripes on a surface. Stripes are a classic design element that has never gone out of style. The versatility of striping allows for depth and dimension to be added to a room simply by alternating strips of color or gloss. Varying stripe width and direction along with color combinations, gloss and flat colors and many other factors help to create a gorgeous striped design. Striping lets you showcase vibrant color or simply create the illusion of more space when used on the walls of a room. It can turn a flat wall and fill it with life or integrate with the room’s design and decoration method.

If you are considering having your interior repainted, call Friends Painting LLC. and explore what faux finishing, glazing or striping could do for your design.

Our Faux Finishing, Glazing & Striping Experts Provide the Following Services:

• Sponge Glazing
• Rag Glazing
• Parchment Glazing
• Wood Faux Finishes
• Stone Faux Finishes
• Marble Faux Finishes
• Fabric Faux Finishes
• Vertical Striping
• Horizontal Striping & Gloss Striping 

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