Residential services

Our licensed and insured company covers 50 miles around the city of Ogden, UT. We have a fully bilingual staff (English and Spanish) which allows for us to communicate with our clients in the best way possible. Our staff is fully trained to provide all our clients with the best customer service; it is thanks to our friendly customer service, high-quality, and competitive prices that we have grown our company.

Epoxy Flooring

Flooring solutions are sometimes a challenging aspect of owning a building. For home garages, commercial and industrial spaces, highly utilized areas need protection for their floors. One of the most effective ways to offer your concrete flooring protection that also lends aesthetic beauty is with epoxy flooring. 

The painting experts at Friends Painting LLC. have mastered the use of epoxy and floor coating products for a waterproof seal that looks great and improves functionality. Our epoxy flooring experts are professionally trained in the use of coatings and sealant products. With precision and care your flooring will be coated for maximum durability, protection and aesthetics. 

Our team of capable specialists works promptly and will complete your epoxy flooring quickly and efficiently. That is why we are the number one choice for epoxy flooring in Ogden.

Interior Painting

Your home’s interior is just as essential a component as any other functional piece of the architecture. Its design may be purely aesthetic, but that decor has a psychological effect on the people who live there as well as the guests that visit. Certain colors create warmth and make the atmosphere inviting. Other textures lend elegance and class to your decor. 

The paint helps integrate your design elements, so there is a cohesive theme. This makes your interior look cleaner and well-organized also. Friends Painting LLC. has proudly provided Ogden homeowners with top quality interior painting services since 1999. Our team of talented painters is professionally trained and possesses the skills and tools necessary to promptly paint your interior. 

We offer high level of precision which yields a flawless finish every time. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our paint products are the best you can find. That is why we are the number one choice in Ogden for interior painting professional.

Wood Staining & Sealing

Wood can be one of the best materials to build with because it is easy to shape and offers a visual appeal that many appreciate. One of the most effective ways to enhance that visual appeal is by using stain to accentuate the rich character of wood grain. When done right, staining and protecting your wood with sealant can provide your property with a gorgeous finish for years and years.

Friends Painting LLC. has proudly offered Ogden residents quality wood staining and sealing services since 1999. Our team is professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of applying a beautiful and flawless stain and sealant to all of your exterior and interior wood surfaces. We offer prompt and courteous service, taking extra care to protect your property. That is why we are the number one choice in Ogden for wood staining and sealing.

Exterior Painting

The outside of your home represents you, your tastes and your commitment to the contribution you make to the neighborhood as a whole. Keeping a presentable exterior is not only a part of home maintenance but also affects how you feel about your home as well as its presentation to guests. To ensure you come home to a house you can be proud of, call the exterior painting experts at Friends Painting LLC.

We have proudly offered Ogden homeowners the best exterior painting services since 1999. Our talented staff executes expert precision and offers a flawlessly clean paint job every time. We are totally committed to outstanding customer service and superior workmanship and that shows. It shows in the level of skill expressed in the work we do as well as the quality of products we use. 

We only work with the finest manufacturers, so the paint products we offer are the best. These are the reasons why we are the number one choice in Ogden for exterior painting professional.

Wood Painting

Many aspects of a home are made of wood; the exterior, entry doors, trim, interior walls and so much more. Wood provides a versatile material that can be custom decorated with color and texture by using paint. Quality paint products bond with wood grain and hold for years, keeping a vibrant finish. For this reason it is important that you always hire a trained painting professional to handle the painting of your home’s wood elements.

At Friends Painting LLC., we have proudly offered Ogden homeowners and businesses the highest quality wood painting services available. We work with the finest paint manufacturers in the business, so our selections of products are top notch. Our team of painting professionals is well trained and highly skilled, capable of painting your wood surfaces with flawless accuracy. We also utilize cutting edge tools that help us to apply the most precise layers of paint for a streak-free and even finish. 

Whether we are using a tool or simply applying the paint with a brush, you can rest assured we are talented professionals get it right the first time. That is what makes us the top choice in Ogden for wood painting experts.

Faux Finishing • Glazing • Striping

Faux finishes, striping or glazing are all effective design techniques that add texture and stunning beauty to your painted surfaces. These techniques infuse your painted areas with an artistic quality, enhancing the entire design of a room. With these paint finishes, you can set the entire tone of your decor or breathe brilliant life into a dull area.

Friends Painting LLC. are painting experts that have mastered the art of faux finishing, glazing and striping. Our professionally trained painting specialists have the talent and accuracy necessary to amaze you with the perfect finish for your surfaces. We also utilize the highest quality tools to get the job done right and with precision. We only work with the finest paint manufacturers, so our colors and products are superior. That is why we are the top choice in Ogden for faux finish, striping and glazing service.

Brick • Cinder • Stucco Painting

Not every home is made of wood. Many are built from brick, cement or have stucco exterior. While these materials have a texture all their own, they don’t offer much versatility in the way of color. Even your hard exterior surfaces need to be painted in order to give your home the customization you desire. Painting these types of surfaces requires special products and special skills. That is why Friends Painting LLC. are the perfect house painting experts for the job.

At Friends Painting LLC., we have proudly offered brick, cinder and stucco painting services to Ogden home and business owners since 2008. Our team of professionally trained painting specialists possesses the proper tools, products and skills to get your hard exteriors flawlessly painted with a beautiful finish you’ll appreciate for years to come. We offer prompt and accurate painting services which is why we are the number one choice in Ogden for brick, cinder and stucco painting professional.

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